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Grace Food Bank ­Sheffield

The Grace Food Bank is a community group covering the Sheffield 8 posctode area: Lowedges, Norton, Batemoor, Jordanthorpe and the surrounding areas. We provide food parcels to families / individuals who find themselves in short term financial crisis.


What we are short of this week

July 27th

 We have plenty of beans, fish and cereal. We also have a lot of cat food and baby food.

We are short of  cup-a-soups  tinned vegetables (particularly carrots, peas and sweetcorn), rice (just ordinary white rice), instant mashed potato, sweet or savoury biscuits and shampoo.


Annual Report.

Our 2015-2016 Annual Report is available to download.  Please get in touch if you would like a paper copy.


What is a Food Bank?

A food bank is a charity which collects donated food and then working with social services and other health care organisations, distributes the food to those in need.  We need volunteers to help with admin, food collections, care teams and much more...

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Please Help by Donating Food