Donating Money instead of Food

You can support our service by donating money each month. This allows us to buy food to fill in any shortages.  We promise that 100% of your donation will go to supporting our work helping people living in food poverty. 

donat.jpgWhat could we buy for just - 5 per month
2 x Boxes of cereal
6 x Cans of beans
3 x Cans of soup
2 x Bags of pasta
3 x Tins of ravioli
2 x UHT milk
2 x Tea bags

What could we buy for just - 2 per month
6 x Packs of noodles
3 x Tins of beans
3 x Tins of spaghetti
3 x Tins of rice pudding

How to Donate

Donate by Standing Order 

Click here for our standing order form which has all the information you need to send to your bank to set a standing order up. Or alternatively call your bank to arrange to set up standing order and see our form attached for the Food Bank bank details.

Or Send a Cheque

To our postal address:

The Grace Food Bank
240 Lowedges Road
South Yorkshire
S8 7JB

Please  Gift Aid your donation if you are able to

gift_aid_40mm_black.jpgIf you are a taxpayer please download the Gift Aid form, fill it in and send it to us. Click here to download our gift aid form.


You can donate to us through PayPal (you don't have to have a PayPal account). 

Make a Donation Now

please click the link below selecting a donation amount and make your donation through a range of payment options.